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Cngrt to Saewon and Ka:

 D. Nepal, S. Kang, K. M. Adstedt, K. Kanhaiya, M. R. Bockstaller, L. C. Brinson, M. J. Buehler, P. V. Coveney, K. Dayal, J. A. El-Awady, L. C. Henderson, D. L. Kaplan, S. Keten, N. A. Kotov, G. C. Schatz, S. Vignolini, F. Vollrath, Yu. Wang, B. I. Yacobson, V. V. Tsukruk, H. Heinz, Hierarchically Structured Bioinspired Nanocomposites, Nature Mat., 2022

Cngrt to Fang, Saewon, Kat, Minkyu, and Rui:

X. Zhang, S. Kang, K. Adstedt, M. Kim, R. Xiong, J. Yu, X. Chen, X. Zhao, C. Ye, V. V. TsukrukUniformly aligned flexible magnetic films from bacterial nanocelluloses for fast actuating optical materials, Nature Com., 202213, 5804;

Cngrt to Minkyu:

M. Kim, V. V. Tsukruk, Spectroscopy finds chiral phonons, Nature Phot., 202216, 337-338.

SEMA Lab hosted Dr. Marcus Smith

It was such a pleasure to host our alumnus, Marcus Smith, the current Chief DEIA officer at the AFRL, for the day of workshops as part of our Homecoming Seminar series organized by Dr. Tsukruk.

Thank you Marcus for the workshops and meetings with students, staff & faculty — representatives from our LBQT+, black American, and Latino community.

SEMA Lab is hiring!

Are you interested in biocomposites, functional nanomaterials, solid electrolytes, photonic materials, lasing materials, machine learning, and/or living materials? Then a Graduate Research Assistant or Post-Doc position in the SEMA lab may be right for you!

Dr. Vladimir Tsukruk is looking to hire a new GRA or Post-doc for the SEMA lab, starting as soon as they can! E-mail Dr. Tsukruk with [SEMA lab – GRA/PD position] in the subject line with your resume if you’re interested!