Collaboration, Supports, and Students

Our research is supported by the US National Science Foundation, Air Force Office for Scientific Research, Army, DOE, DARPA, and private industry.

Currently, about 20 graduate students, post-doctoral associates, visitors, and undergraduate students participate in eight research projects.

Current major projects are:

National Science Foundation-CBET, Cell Surface Engineering With Biopolymer Lbl Shells For Biosesning

National Science Foundation-CBET, Nanostructured Biosenseing Surfaces With Selective Biotraps For Sensing

National Science Foundation-DMR, Highly Branched Nanostructures And Their Assemblies

National Science Foundation-DMR, Materials World Network: Structural Design And Micromechanical Properties Of Mechanotransducing Biological Materials

Department of Energy-BES, Guided Assembly Of Anisotropic Micro-Structures Into Mesoscale Heirarchies

Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Ultrastrong And Conductive Bionanocomposites

Air Force Office of Scientific Research-MURI, Pt-Symmetric Optical Materials and Structures

Air Force Research Laboratory-UES, Graduate Student Support

Our Collaborators are:

J. Ankner (ORNL); F. Barth (Vienna U.); T. Bunning (AFRL); E. Chaikof (Harvard); P. Cebe (Tufts); A. Dobrynin (UC), M. El-Sayed (GT); A. Fedorov (GT);. Fery A. (U Bayreuth), P. Fratzl (MPIG); W. Heller (ORNL); D. Kaplan (Tufts), N. Kelley-Loughnane (AFRL), K. Matyjaszewski (CMU), Yu. Melnichenko (ORNL), A. Muller (Mainz), R. Naik (AFRL); M. Rubinstein (UNC), S. Sheiko (UNC), A. Sidorenko (UPST); M. Stone (AFRL), E. Thomas (Rice); R. Vaia (AFRL).